Yoga Download: Non-Gurus and Gurus Unite

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During a recent session with a new personal assisting client, she noticed the payment email address I gave her – which contains our blog name – and chuckled. It got her curious enough to check out our website, and this in turn sparked a conversation about meditations, self-help, and spirituality in general. After a few minutes of chatting about the ins and outs of all things enlightenment, she asked a question that just a few months prior would have made me cringe with guilt:

“Do you do yoga?”

Why would such a genial question be so cringe-worthy? Well, the truth is that for years I was a bit of a yoga hypocrite: I’d extol its virtues while rarely ever partaking myself. I knew about its many health benefits, of course, but had some blocks to believing that my less-than-svelte middle-aged frame would be a good fit for the practice. I thought I might be more likely to pass out in Downward Facing Dog position from head rush to the brain than to become one with the universe and all its creations.

Recently, however, I’d begun incorporating some yoga into my morning stretch routine, and had also found a few DVD’s that included some yoga poses. And of course, just like the Law of Attraction says will happen, as my fledgling attempts to put it into practice progressed, a great opportunity popped up on my radar. We were approved as partners by Yoga Download, a site that contains streams and downloads of every type of yoga imaginable, all organized neatly by category.

When I excitedly mentioned this to my client, she let out an “Oooh” of approval. ‘Aha’, I thought, ‘my non-yoga-doing guilt is now a thing of the past’. It’s been relegated to the pile where I keep my old parachute pants and tapes of 80’s boy band Menudo (“like and explosion” – sing it with me now).

What Makes Yoga Download So Great?

Classes for Beginners, Intermediate, and yes, even Guru-Level Yogis

Whether you hop around the room 10 times on one foot before finding your balance, or rock the flexibility like Russel Brand’s character in Forgetting Sara Marshall, Yoga Download has you covered. Their Yoga Fundamentals class is a great one to learn the basics, and they have a variety of more advanced classes as well. The best part is that class lengths are tailored to fit all schedules, with options from 5 minutes to over 2 hours.

Free Trial Classes

Yoga Download generously gifts a variety of free videos to people at all levels of their yoga practice. If you’d like to find out if their classes are a good fit for you before committing, you can click on the ‘Classes’ dropdown in the top menu, and then choose the ‘Free Online Classes’ option.

Heavenly Pricing

You’ll find subscriptions for as little as $10 a month, and can choose from 5 different membership options. Their Elite Monthly or Yearly Memberships allow you unlimited streaming of all classes and unlimited downloads of their self-produced videos, marked with the Yoga Download symbol. You can also go ‘a la carte’ and choose to stream or download classes individually.


One of the unique strengths of Yoga Download is that they provide you with the ability to take your yoga practice with you anywhere – or skip the commutes altogether and practice at home. Whether you’re soaking up the sun at the park, traveling for work, or at your own house, you can watch classes on your computer, mobile device, TV, tablet, game consoles, and streaming players.

Music Lover’s Paradise  

If you’re like us, you can barely get through your day without some good tunes to reenergize your spirit. Luckily Yoga Download is here to help with that too. They offer inspiring and soothing sounds that are composed by hundreds of talented artists from all around the globe. Download songs and albums a la carte, and create playlists of genres ranging from Ambient Sounds to World Music.

Therapeutic Classes

If healing is part of your attraction to yoga, then Yoga Download is a great resource for you. There are a wide array of therapeutic classes aimed at reducing the stress on your joints and muscles while helping you manage your pain.

Yoga Teaching Certification

Yoga is a great personal practice to help with your own health and wellness, and some people discover it’s much more than that. If one of your passions is to teach others how to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually using yoga, Yoga Download has Online Teaching Certification Training that allows you to become a professional from the comfort of your own home.

Programs and Packages

If you’re interested in progressing through a series, you can check out Yoga Download’s Programs, which are set up to be done in a specific order. Choose from options such as the Beginner’s Journey Program, Yoga for Weight Loss, and Power Yoga for Pregnancy. They also have Packages, which are related videos grouped together for your convenience. They can be done in any order, and include the Prenatal Yoga Package and the Chakra Flow Series.

Enlightenment for Schmucks are Yoga Download Affiliates

Woohoo! This means more free articles, free meditations, and fun giveaways for you. Try to contain your excitement.

Deals on Downloads

If you’re ready to get started, you can check out their current 50% Off Monthly Elite Membership Sale. They also offer highly discounted rates for active duty service members and Peace Corps members (click ‘About’ in the top menu and then choose ‘Yoga for Peace’ to find out more). And don’t forget to check out their handy printable pose guides, short videos on all the basic positions, and blog articles for healthy recipes, yoga updates, and great self-empowering advice from experts in the field.




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5 thoughts to “Yoga Download: Non-Gurus and Gurus Unite”

  1. Ok sis, but I’ll need to clean out the Bubblicious and Pez candies from the 10,000 zipper pockets first…..

  2. The first part of your post made me laugh because you are soooo not the only one who’s had an idea of ‘who’ practices yoga, and have felt limited because of that. As a yoga teacher, in my daily life when chatting with people, the most common thing I hear when people tell me they don’t practice yoga is ‘I’m just not flexible’. That always makes me laugh because if you’re not flexible, and desire to be, yoga will absolutely help with that. Yoga is for everyone. Absolutely everyone.

    I’m so happy for you for this partnership/affiliate program. It sounds like a great fit! Best wishes!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Daphne. It really helps to know that other people have the same fears as I do, and that they’re pretty much unfounded. I’ve got a chakra clearing yoga series in my sites to start with this weekend – so if you see a new post on Monday, you’ll know I made it through OK!

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