Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Deja Vu? Me Too!

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What is it about deja vu that is so exciting? That instant replay of the here and now that lets you know that you are where you are supposed to be.

These spiritual mile markers are nothing less than astounding. They hold you in a captivating stillness for a short while, reviewing a movie clip of your life you swear you’ve never seen before. But it all is so recognizable and such a visceral experience that tends to leave one speechless and searching.

I had one of these moments today at work. For a brief moment it was clear that no matter my current obstacles and tests, this is my place in this world.  Everything had that feeling of home, even though the entire experience is only weeks old.

In that moment, my anxiety left me. The doubts and the inner speak fell silent. Any worries I had that sprouted before, were replaced by a garden of certainty.

Search no more, for this rest stop along the highway of life is there to let you know that all is well. You have met the people you have met, experienced life, and are here in short review of a scene that tells you that there are no mistakes, only choices.

Those chance meetings are not chance. The unexplanable electric connections between people you have yet to know on such deep levels is not some freak happening.  The offers that flowed into your life unimpeded, and you grabbed hold of, were not coincidence. The people who walked into your life when you were stuck on your past are not just supporting actors. It is validation of your connection to bigger things.

Each decision you make at the forks in the road lead somewhere, and deja vu will remind you of that.

It is up to you if you care to look at the patterns that exist to show us even of the beauty of what seemed like destruction.  Yes, hindsight has its place in the soul’s classroom, but deja vu is much more than that. It is a unique window into the now. It is the validation of a dream or thought being acted out–to your amazement.

It is not, however, some useless amusement, or entertainment for entertainment’s sake. It is a flash of life that says that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

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The past may have been the past, but it has passed. Your now is here and it is your choice to step through and continue in a way that celebrates today. Deja vu is our spiritual reassurance–the big YES from the infinite universe you so rightfully belong in.

The only question left to answer is this:

Will you let it transform you or put it on the shelf like an old movie, never to be watched again?

Will you finally shelve the negative self talk that doesn’t and won’t ever serve you and realize that you are more powerful than you allow yourself to believe?

Our minds are more fascinating than we give credit for, and with deja vu we get a front row, V.I.P. seat to the show and the starring role. It is up to you to take the reins and make your life into the performance people will talk favorably about–long after you have gone home.


Image credit: Trina Noelle

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