Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Is the Building on Fire or is it Just My Soul?

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If you’ve lived long enough on this Earth, you’ve experienced it—the unmistakable shock to your soul when you meet a kindred spirit. Not all of these meetings are meant to be twin flame meetings, but something has to be said about the feeling that hits you and makes you take everything in–something so powerful that makes introductions seem frivolous.
Looking back, I clearly remember each moment when I crossed paths with these familiars. Some became friends, some became relationships, and some just left me dumbfounded at the powerful energy I had just connected with, when the person was just someone I walked by and made brief contact with.

The latter has always been the most amazing to experience. It is a complete moment, devoid of ulterior motive that screams from the deepest parts of you–I KNOW you.
There are also those moments when conversation with a kindred soul gets really deep, really fast–when there is no precedent or reason why. It is the kind of conversation, so seemingly innocuous, that gives off enough energy where people around you cannot seem to hold their own parallel conversations.

The intensity that electrifies the room, seems to make everyone focus on the meeting of the two souls in front of them.
Now before you think that this post is all metaphysical sweetness and light, I am going to delve a little bit deeper. If you believe in the soulmate/twin flame possibilities, you must also consider that even your worst relationships and friendships were a part of this dance. The moment I started looking at things from this end of the rainbow, I found that forgiveness and moving on was a whole lot easier.

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When you realize that soul connections are not necessarily forever, due to that spiritual popcorn kernel stuck in your environment called free will, forgiving yourself and others begins to become less and less of a panic button.

I do believe that we make spiritual contracts with ourselves and each other when we are on the other side. We diagram as much as we can–the path we wish to walk for the evolution of our spirit.

However, free will is included on the menu—which means that we do not follow some rote routine of joy and fortune from cradle to grave. We are given choices that may or may not affect the synergy between souls we recognize and love when we are home, while we are in our earthly forms.
When you match that with the free will to choose whether we take the red pill or blue pill, the possibilities are only limited by our own decisions.

Case in point: how I used to beat myself up for not keeping my family together—becoming a single mother. When I looked at this situation, through the lens of a moment in time that was only meant to bring my son through to his earthy incarnation, I was a bit more forgiving of the situation.

Of course there were huge fractures that let me know, that with my son’s father, my heart’s home did not have a foundation. Needless to say, even after I tried everything in my power to keep our family unit together, in the end he had free will.

Another soul does not exist to bend in accordance to your will, even if you can see the results of decisions made and decisions to be. Their soul is not your battle.

To put it another way, the moment was what it was.

To let it go and distance yourself from other’s choices is some of the most selfless love you can give—to them, and to yourself.
When you meet the person who is the perfect match to your soul, conversation is effortless. There is no judgement because each comes from a space of love and respect—usually because of the life experience each has encountered along the way.

This isn’t to say that there will not be conflict, because this match will be your mirror. However, it is not up to us to convince people that we are worth sticking around for.

The most important thing is to be the best version of yourself—relationship or not. And when we shine and are authentic, the enjoyment is in the being and not the doing.

When you find those people who light up the night with a brilliance to match your own–it’s something to behold.
Too many times the focus is on the outside—the dress, the day, the perfect wedding, the perfect family, the invisible stopwatch meant to gauge our progress along the way—and not enough focus is put on the inner unfolding of all that surpasses these material things.

Not enough focus is put on the pure force of two souls igniting, and sharing a common vision. Not enough focus is put on letting things develop into amazing memories. Not enough focus is put on the soul experiences that make us cry with joy, laugh, and create.

While too much focus is put on plans and crafting a life worthy of a social media highlight reel.
We do our souls a great disservice if we continue to choose a life devoid of true connection. And we do other souls a great disservice if we work to abolish their free will and attempt to insert our own.

Enjoy the connections but also be willing to let them go, if the signs are there. Be present and enjoy the soul fire that crosses your path.

You never know if the next one will change your life, but you also must know that being on your own is not exactly the downer everyone tries to make it out to be. If you can’t enjoy your own company, how is anyone else supposed to enjoy you?
Connect with no ulterior motive. Connect because it feels good to be in the company of an interesting spirit. Connect to enjoy the talents of others, combined with your own. Don’t hook up, connect. Meet the minds, hearts and souls of others.

Yeah, you may end up with a life partner, but better yet, you end up with someone who just “gets” you.
And no matter if it is a friendship or relationship, these people are the true treasures we find at the end of the random rainbows of life.


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  1. Thanks for reading…as I grow older that is the most important thing. it is less about the fireworks and more about the smoldering….it is about having conversations that leave your mind blown and you thinking how much you enjoy talking to this or that person…I am so drawn to the mind…and that is truly the arrow straight to the soul….

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