The Illusion of Lack of Choice

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I recently saw a meme on Facebook about the upcoming presidential elections entitled The Illusion of Choice. It contained, of course, pictures of both Clinton and Trump on prominent display to drive home the point that we in the U.S. are severely limited in our picks for the most prominent office in the land.

Admittedly, I even shared the picture to my wall. Yet a recent personal experience got me thinking more deeply about what’s really happening out on the political landscape – and in the world as a whole.

See, blogging and writing can be thankless jobs. There are a variety of reasons for this, not the least of which are the people who less-than-tactfully declare that these aren’t even ‘”real” occupations. This thinking is certainly an illusion, part of the Old Paradigm which states that we must leave our house and be handed a paycheck in order to be considered a hard worker. In reality, this is the hardest I’ve ever worked at anything.

Yet I, too, sometimes get caught up in that Old Paradigm, the one that often views the words “success” and “financial riches” as the exact same terms. In fact, I recently threw up my hands in utter frustration at the lack of progress in taking our platform to the next level. The itch to not only impact our own lives positively, but also to become a gathering spot for fellow enlightenment-seekers with dreams that need funded, felt like it was being inhibited by a lack of resources. Just like the people who had created that political meme, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with resentment over my lack of choices.

After a few days of wallowing in my coffee, I logged onto my computer, only to find that a fellow blogger had compiled a comprehensive and detailed list. It’s title?

‘Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level’.

Huh, how about that?

As it turns out, I had been operating under the faulty notion that my choices were limited to X and Y, when in reality there were 24 other letters in the alphabet to pick from. And not only that, there were alphabets out there besides my native one that I could choose to learn. But most importantly, all these alphabets and their corresponding letters had once been created out of pure inspiration – they’d not been there, and then one day they were there. They became part of our lexicon because their linguistic originators refused to play victim to the lack of communication vehicles available to them at the time. They needed something more, and so they created it.

See, we think we are being manipulated by a system that gives us the Illusion of Choice. But manipulation can only be successful if we buy into the parameters the system sets for us. This was true for me during those few days when I gave up on the idea of expanding the blog because what I was doing wasn’t working. I briefly played victim to the idea that there was No Other Way except the way I already knew.

In reality, we’re all creators. We’re made to create. We don’t have to buy into a system that no longer works for us. We don’t have to stay stuck with the limiting options of X and Y. We don’t have to become worshipers of the Illusion of Lack of Choice. Believing in these things is a choice. And so is not believing in them.

Yes, it’s difficult to buck a system, to throw a middle finger at victimhood, to give birth to a whole new way of being. I know. Believe me, I know. Yet there are 2 kinds of difficult: short-term and long-term. The former comes from self-empowerment; the latter from conforming to goal-crushing circumstances.

As for me, well, I’m now busy utilizing some other characters of the alphabet besides X and Y to expand our blog and create the world of our dreams. If you care to join me, you can find me at these letters: F-R-E-E.

-Kirstie Ganobsik


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5 thoughts to “The Illusion of Lack of Choice”

  1. Kirstie,

    Such a timely post! Just yesterday I was talking with someone about a similar concept. We talked about how, as small business owners, we must work from our personal core beliefs. When we work from mainstream/established beliefs or stay steeped in cultural norms we often end up stressed and unhappy because those goals and definitions aren’t a fit for us.

    So happy to hear you are shattering illusions.

  2. Love this article. We are all creators and made to create! How true! So many choices to make but we must make the right ones for ourselves and our business.

  3. Erika, Dana, Jeff, and Antonet I really appreciate all your kind words! I’m glad to see so many people in the blogging world shattering illusions of what is possible when it comes to business and pursuing our dreams. It feels wonderful to be part of such a sharing and supportive community.

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