Winners and Meditations and Living the Dream, Oh My!

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As this blog’s title suggests, I decided to channel the famous line by Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, “Lion’s and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” for this post because we’ve got a trifecta of fun happenings this week, enlightenment style:

1.We Start with Our July Dream Project of the Month Winner: Congratulations to Dana Lardner, from Goods Giving Back ! She is running a “CREATE TO DONATE” campaign from September 5 – October 31, 2016 connecting people who make crafts with charities in need. Find out more about how both DIY and Craft Bloggers, along with Creative Crafting Artisans, can get involved by checking out her Winner Page!

2.Meditation Nation: Our brand new Meditations Page launched on Thursday with fun and inspiring stories and videos from Reni & Rick at Eden’s Corner, Vanessa at Illuminated Life, Albert at Hidden Garden Melodies, and Tyiece at LivingInSync. If you’re craving a little relaxation, peace, and focus, we encourage you to check out these FREE meditations from your fellow travelers on the Road to Enlightenment.

  • BONUS: Our friends over at Natural Herbal Remedies have gifted a Comprehensive Article Using Guided Meditation  for Anxiety which includes a FREE Guided Meditation Video. This 12-minute gem leads you gently through to releasing your worries and transforming them into peace and boundless possibilities.  Just click on the highlighted link above if you’d like to have a listen, and check out their post to learn more about healing your anxiety through meditation. Thank you Diane Ketchen & team for this soothing and empowering tutorial!

3.All of this is tied together by something that has got me a little verklempt: I realized that all of us – Dana, Reni, Rick, Vanessa, Albert, Tyiece, Trina, Diane, and I  – we’re all living the dream. Oh, not the one where you get the house, the picket fence, and the vacation to Rio once a year. What I mean is that we’re spending our time feeding our Souls – and each others’ – despite the scary things we might encounter along the way.

Dream chasers’ fearful “creatures” aren’t usually a trio of forest animals, but instead they are societal expectations, personal insecurities, and financial obstacles. Yet when we wake up every day and put a little effort into our passions, we begin to shift our view from fear to freedom. This is an automatic mindset switch-over that happens when we back up our dreams with actions.

One small example of this outlook shift happened when I got a call this week from a telemarketing survey company. Like most people, I usually don’t agree to answer their questions because 5 minutes somehow turns into 50, and you find yourself fabricating a lie about needing to go check on Timmy in the well just so you can get off the phone. Yet this woman sounded like she could use a win, so I made an exception this time.

One of the questions she asked me was if I have a savings account. The first thing that popped into my head was this: ‘Yeah, my dream is saving me.’ This thought surprised even me, yet it’s true. Every day I add a little bit more to my dream account, and I can already see it overflowing with abundance out into the world – all because of something that came from deep inside of me telling me to ‘write, just put something down on paper.’ Thank God I listened.

Thank God all the people featured in this article today listened to their inner dreams as well.

And I hope that you listen too. There is indescribable joy waiting for you when you push past the Wizard’s curtain to find out that you are the one that you have been waiting for all along.

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