The Kindness Campaign: Week 4

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This week concludes the 30-day Kindness Campaign, and with it comes a Kindness Memorial, as well as a Call-to-Action. We want to highlight the kindness of the 49 people killed in Orlando last week. You can read about their lives and their good works in NPR’s ‘They Were So Beautiful’.

I’m changing it up a little for this article and talking about the takeaways from the entire month first. Acts of kindness aren’t just a “nice” thing to do. They are responsible acts of rebellion against insanity, greed, and hate. They are often simple. They are often courageous. And they are what will finally tip the balance on our Mother Earth to peace’s side – but only if we choose to both participate in them and also talk about them. Now’s not the time for humility about our acts of compassion because the other side has had its’ day in the spotlight for far too long.  #KINDNESSCAMPAIGN

IMG_1862Here’s a virtual toast to everyone who is taking up the mantle and creating a Kindness Campaign Chain in order to highlight the loads of heartfelt actions taking place in the world today. These actions connect us as people first, making it much more difficult for religious, racial, socioeconomic, sexual orientation, and political labels to divide us.

My acts of kindness this week:


Complimented the grocery sales clerk on her witty inquiry, “Would you like to pay twice today?”


Smiled big and said “Hi how are you” to everyone I passed on the trail at the park.


Tipped the cook at the new mobile food truck that just opened up for service a few miles from my place, and chatted with her about how much I love the farm-fresh roadside food concept.


Signed 5 different petitions calling for animal rights abuse corrections.


Let a whole line of cars merge in front of me on the highway despite being stuck in a traffic jam for a while.


Baked a special treat for a family member who is recovering from surgery.


I completed this article on Saturday so I can spend Sunday unplugged from the online world and be with my Dad for Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to you Dad, and to all the stand up men who are doing their part to create a world of compassion as fathers and as mentors.

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  1. Thank you for all your kind thoughts, and Renee, I am truly inspired by your article! Peace and love to you all! Kirstie

  2. That’s so inspiring, Sam! Teaching kid’s kindness is really the key I think, and parents like you are really leading the way. I’m also seeing more activity in schools that are teaching compassion classes and even making meditation an option for students who’d like to participate.

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