The Kindness Campaign: Week 3

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We’re very grateful and excited to have Diane Lynn at Gratitude Letters join us in a 30-day Kindness Campaign Chain! You can head over to her site to read all about her experiences at the end of the month.

On May 23rd, I launched a 30-day Kindness Campaign. You can read about Week 1 here and Week 2 here. Here are my Week 3 experiences and takeaways:

Monday: Chased a plastic bag and a few other unnameable pieces of trash I saw on the neighbor’s grass halfway to Texas (ok, just all around my neighborhood) in a windstorm to pick them up and throw them away. I double-dipped on this one, counting it as both my Act of Kindness and my workout for the day.

Tuesday: Sent an e-card to friend and fellow Enlightenment for Schmuck’s author Trina Noelle thanking her for all her hard work on the blog. Got back from her a fantastic video of a dog dancing The Tango, with moves better than any I can ever hope to have.

Wednesday: Used my tall woman status to help a short woman reach the cereal on the grocery’s top shelf. Agreed with her that the store’s placement of the item was “totally height-ism”. Totally.

Thursday: Went through some blog posts that popped up on my Facebook wall and left nice comments for the writers.

Friday: Shared the It Made Me Fearless Campaign on social media to help raise funds for a unique spin on bullying: how former victims used their tough times to go on to do great things with their lives. You can click the GoFundMe link to help them reach their goal of $1,400 for marketing, exposure, and website maintenance.

Saturday: Helped out a fellow blogger with a copyright question.

Sunday: From the files of The Crazy Cat Lady: My cats are on an endless quest to get me to come outside and play with them. Today I put aside my goal of writing 3 hours in my book, settled for an hour and 15 minutes, and enjoyed some fun in the sun with them. Admittedly, this was as much an act of kindness to myself as it was to them, but hey, no one said this Kindness Campaign thing couldn’t be mutual! Here are some pics:

2016-06-12 14.07.10 2016-06-12 14.12.57 2016-06-12 14.07.012016-06-12 18.30.26



  1. Kindness is loads of fun.
  2. I’m becoming more conscious of the kind acts I automatically do.
  3. I’m finding a lot of kindness reciprocation happening, and my attention is also more drawn to people who are performing acts of kindness. Case in point, I love this article from Random Acts of Leadership: 30 Days of Celebrating People Who Matter to You.

Want to join us? Send us an email at with your website,  and we’ll mention you in our finale article next week!


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  1. Thank you Kishore! Twitter has a #KindnessCampaign that has a lot of great stories about people’s acts of kindness.

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