The Kindness Campaign: Week 2

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On May 23rd, I launched a 30-day Kindness Campaign in which I’m attempting to be conscious about doing one kind act for another person each day. You can read about Week 1 here. Here’s Week 2’s actions and takeaways:


Sent a follow-up email to my affiliate network complimenting the telephone agent who had helped me figure out some basics , thanking him for his patience and professionalism. I received a nice email back that gave me the warm fuzzies. He told me I was a great customer to deal with.


Today I headed over to YouMitter, a site that lets you share your wishes with the world. You can also “affirm” other people’s wishes, which is kind of like praying for or putting good thoughts towards them. I “affirmed” a wish someone had posted about success in their dream business, and for everyone else to have that same success.


Started a Piggy Bank of my loose change for a cause I love.


Helped an older person in line at the grocery lift their heavier items onto the belt.


Wasn’t feeling well and completely dropped the ball on any conscious acts of kindness today. Wasn’t thrilled about this, but Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” popped in my head, reminding me that tomorrow’s a new day.


Headed over to the 1st annual Health and Wellness Fair at Godman Guild in Columbus to help pass out free produce to fair goers. Very positive experience despite being under the weather. I felt surrounded by Light and Love.


I was kind to myself today by scheduling 2 days off so I could recharge and get healthy.

Week 3’s Takeaways:

  1. It’s OK to fall off the horse, as long as you get right back on.
  2. There are a lot of amazing and talented people doing selfless acts to help lift up their fellow human beings.
  3. Be kind to yourself 1st, and compassion spreads out to the world from there.

Want to join the Kindness Campaign Chain? Leave a comment below or send an email to with your website and Kindness Campaign start date, and we’ll feature you in our next article. #KindnessCampaign


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