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“A House divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

There are certain days that have gone down in history as bright spots on the American landscape, and added to this short list is now April 2, 2016. This was the day when people of every political stripe came together to launch a wave of mass demonstrations against the banking and corporate establishment for attempting to completely corrupt our political process and steal our freedom.

Under the duel banners of Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening, people from over 120 conservative and liberal organizations launched a march from Philadelphia to D.C. and a week-long series of peaceful demonstrations in our nation’s capital, with about 1,240 people arrested on the Capitol Building steps.

What was so amazing about these particular protests? We finally figured out that we all want the same thing. That’s right, April 2, 2016 was the day that We the People applied the enlightenment principal of Oneness and became Conservaliberals.

What are the Characteristics of a Conservaliberal?:

  1. Complete rebel who doesn’t give a care if they’re “supposed” to hate you because subscribe to the other party. They love you anyway.
  2. Recognizes that we have much more in common with each other than any of us have with the establishment in Washington or the banking “elite”.
  3. Shows a willingness to put differences with others on hold while taking on the beast of political corruption that creates most of these differences out of thin air.
  4. Understands that it’s much more fun to stick together to lift ourselves up than it is to fight each other and keep ourselves down.
  5. Loves signing petitions, walking with picket signs, and/or tying oneself to the Capitol Rotunda while singing Kumbaya My Lord. Kumba Freakin’ Ya.

The platform these Conservaliberal protestors stood on was fourfold:

  • Overturn Citizen’s United and similar Supreme Court decisions with the Democracy for All Amendment in order to limit the influence money has on political elections
  • Pass the The Voter Empowerment Act to help modernize voter registration and ensure equal voting access
  • Help neutralize the influence of special interests on election results by creating small donor “People PACs” and media vouchers using the Fair Elections Now Act
  • Restore protections given under the 1965 Voting Rights Act – which were partially invalidated in 2013’s Shelby County v. Holder Supreme Court decision – with The Voting Rights Advancement Act

If you think you might be a Conservaliberal , or even if you’re just interested in helping the cause, here are a few ways that you can make a difference:

Yay America! We did good. Let’s keep on Uniting….See you on the other side of corruption.


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