Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Female Empowerment Soundtrack

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Today’s post is definitely random, and a bit different.

This post is for women and any men who have an opinion on music.

I need your help.

I am looking to research songs by women that uplift and encourage women. There are so many female artists out there that write great tunes, but what better way to find out what is the most inspirational than by asking the experts.

If you would, please put your faves in the comments about songs by women artists that fit the bill.

Any genre is acceptable. And even if someone else puts the same song you do that is important also.

What songs make you dance? What songs make you want to throw your hands up and move like you just don’t care? What songs have been there for you during dark nights of the soul?

I want what YOU think are the best of the best. If you could make the ultimate empowerment mixtape, what songs would you make sure were on your playlist?

I’m very interested in your ideas, so don’t be shy. There’s no judgement here.

Thanks so much for your input, it is greatly appreciated. ♡

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2 thoughts to “Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Female Empowerment Soundtrack”

    1. Absolutely! Can’t leave out Janis! My faves of hers are her performance of Ball and Chain at Monterey, and Me and Bobby McGee. ♡

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