Outside the Range of Control

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I did not know what I would write. When I started my book. Or my blog. Or my first professional article. Or any of them after that.

Yet I had no doubt that I would write something, and not just anything. I would write something worthwhile that had a good hook at the beginning, a strong wrap up at the end, and a cohesive idea in between that touched both hearts and minds. I would write something relatable.

How did I know?


For many, this word conjures up church steeples with priests and preachers spewing out religious doctrine. Yet that misses the mark. At it’s core faith contains an abundance of audacity. A willingness to laugh 10 times a day at the skeptics, an acceptance that there are no guarantees, a jump into the stream of a life that no one before you has yet explored. There could be snakes and piranhas in your stream. Your stream might flow to the ocean or it might dry up in the middle of the desert, where you have to go thirsty for a while until you can find a new stream and begin flowing again.

Faith is absolute unpredictability in all its terrifying glory. It puts you outside the range of others’ control because you aren’t ruled by easily anticipated fear responses but instead by a Higher Plan that even you don’t know all the details of. It’s pure freedom. It’s the kind of freedom that has no safety net – so that when you hit the ground, your reliance on outside approval is shaken loose and sent tumbling far away from you down the steep embankment of skepticism that you’d built up around yourself before you found your flow.

Developing faith means honoring your instincts despite the fact that they will lead you against the grain more often than not. It means lots of moments of epiphany as you learn how to navigate the messy terrain of doubt that your stream sometimes crosses. It means doing more of what brings you joy and less of what brings you approval. It means constant contact with that Higher Power that is in each of us cheering us along to take a chance on the unknown. And, when finely tuned after much trial and error, faith means that you get to relax into an extraordinary peace which comes from knowing how amazing not knowing can be.

I did not know what I was going to write. When I sat down to write this today. How do you think faith and I did?

-Kirstie Ganobsik

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3 thoughts to “Outside the Range of Control”

  1. Faith is such a beautiful thing to apply on things to gain strength and trust. Such a great read thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Mayra, and Mother & Daughter for your thoughts. Faith definitely is a challenge, but one well-worth the effort!

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