What the Bleep is a Hashtag??!!

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April 29th marks the one year anniversary of Enlightenment for Schmucks with the first article we ever posted: The 10 Stages of Purpose. With a single digit under our belts as official Schmucks (and according to our ex’s, several more unofficial years holding that status  – I kid – I think) I couldn’t help but recall one of the first conversations I ever had while I was brainstorming the many facets of jumping into Blogland. I’ll call it the Can You Explain Twitter to Me Whinefest of 2015.

See, I’d contacted my sister because she has teenagers who I figured had already introduced her to the nuances of social media. I’d read in Michael Hyatt’s bestseller Platform that Twitter was the way to go if you’re promoting a blog. Since I knew nothing about it, I rang her up:

“Hi, so, what do you know about Twitter?”

“Well, um, what do you want to know?’ My sister had the tone of someone who just realized she was going to have to explain gravity to a 5 year old, when in fact all she knew about the subject was that gravity just seemed to work itself out.

“How’s it work – I mean, I know it’s not like Facebook. I’ve heard you can’t write anything longer than a few words.” I felt like I was rambling a bit to cover for the fact that I had no idea what I was talking about.

“Yeah, yeah, there’s a word limit…..”

Then came an awkward silence that was only broken when she yelled for my oldest niece to come to the phone in a vain attempt to get HER to explain Twitter to me. Followed by more awkward silence as my niece declined.

Finally I huffed in a frustrated tone that only the truly overwhelmed can muster, “Well, can you at least tell me what the hell a hashtag is?”

At this point my sister perked up and rendered a truly brilliant description of all things hashtag. She answered all my follow-up questions as if she was the first recipient of a Masters degree in Twitterology, and I came out of the conversation, if not exactly enlightened, at least feeling like I could now stumble through the whole thing with some semblance of dignity.

And that’s the way of it, see? None of us knows what we’re doing. And then, one day, we do. We now have our largest social media following on Twitter with 3,500 people connecting with us. You can’t predict this stuff.

So the moral of the story is – just have that awkward conversation if it helps you reach your goals. And then have another: Ask that IT geek you know what the difference is between hosting and registering a domain, even if he looks at you like you are hands down the stupidest person on Earth for asking such an elementary question. Write about a topic you aren’t “qualified” to talk about if you feel pulled to do so. Do a podcast for the first time and stumble over your words. Say f**k it to all the obstacles thrown at you and have a blast pursing your dreams.

Here’s to us, Trina Noelle, for living the dream. Thank you for all your courage, love, and support. Oh – and Happy Schmuck-a-versary. Schmuck yeah.



-Kirstie Ganobsik, Founder of Enlightenment for Schmucks




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  1. #love your post # wondered that myself
    Seriously, I am just coming to understand this strange world of hashtags. – you are not alone.

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