What Your Coffee Mug Says About You

What Your Coffee Mug Says About You

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Today we welcome guest blogger Michele Smarty. She wrote a fun post about one of our favorite things to keep us fueled along the road to enlightenment: coffee! Take a look at her coffee mug personality assessments, and for more fun coffee mug sightings, check out 111 World’s Best Cool Coffee Mugs to Collect. In the market for an Expresso Machine? Reviews.com has you covered with Machines that Pull Expresso Without Grinding Your Gears!

A coffee lover is very particular about the taste of their coffee and their mug. I am also a coffee lover and I prefer to have coffee in my own coffee mug.

I made an online survey and concluded with the following details about coffee mugs and personality:

1. Travel Mugs

  • You’re a multi-tasker.
  • You consider coffee as fuel for the day.
  • You are mad after your goals – you cannot sit back until you complete them.
  • You prefer to have coffee in a peaceful environment, but you feel that you do not have enough time to do that.

anxiety bunny needs coffee. mug

2. Mug with Funny Sayings

  • You are a smart person.
  • You don’t point out peoples’ issues too bluntly, you know how to tackle the situation intelligently.
  • You are often on autopilot.
  • You are very fast and smart in your job, and you have command of your work.

3. The Odd-shaped Coffee Mug

  • You fall in the category of parent.
  • You got the mug from your child who made it in an arts and craft class.
  • You have a strong bond with your children.
  • You have artistic-minded children.

4. Souvenir Mug

  • You are a nostalgic person.
  • You value the sentiments of others.
  • You are a very good friend.
  • You have a bit of a tendency to hoard things.
  • You love to make memories.

5. Classic White

  • You have a uniform life, and you like to keep things in order.
  • You have a simple personality and love simplicity.
  • You prefer to wear light colors.
  • You take your friends jokes very lightly.

6. Personalized Cup

  • You are a born creative person.
  • You take pride in your belongings.
  • You do not like others to use your personal stuff.
  • You are very clear about your thoughts.

Schmuck Yeah! Mug

7. Oversized Goblet

  • You are an exuberant human being.
  • You love your coffee with a lot of cream and sugar.
  • You love to talk about clothes, shoes, and fashion.
  • You love to be provided with several options.

8. The Mini Espresso Cup

  • You are probably an “old Soul”, or a person who loves the company of wise people.
  • You love to discuss different topics, and can do it for hours.
  • You are a hardcore coffee-purist.

9. The Takeaway Cup

  • You are a hard-working person.
  • You do not like to waste your time.
  • You don’t get impressed by people quickly.

10. The Latte Glass

  • You are a “real” person and dislike fake people around you.
  • You love having the support of your friends when you are going to try something of big worth.
  • You have a cool personality.
  • You want a partner who stands by your side through thick and thin.

11. The Reusable Thermos Mug

  • You don’t mind it if people make jokes at your expense.
  • You can be careless at times.
  • You prefer to stay at home, rather than chilling outside.

12. Your Company Logo

  • You are a precise person.
  • You are a sort of a workaholic.
  • You are very sincere.
  • You don’t allow people to create negativity in your life.

enlightenment_for_s_travel_mug (1)

13. Your Initials

  • You are proud of yourself.
  • You don’t allow irrelevant people to come into your life.
  • You are a somewhat private person, and love to keep your personal life away from your professional life.

What Your Coffee Mug Says About You

Of course, any one of you might have different personality aspects than what I described above. But above all, I hope you liked my effort!

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Non Illigitamus Carborundum Two-Tone Coffee Mug

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Anxiety cat needs coffee. mug



What Your Coffee Mug Says About YouMichele Smarty is a short story author, novelist and freelance writer. She is a contributor on many popular websites. She is a lover of food, oceans, wild spaces, world cultures, languages and urban places by nature. She loves to write articles about the latest trends. In-depth research makes her written articles valuable to audiences.

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7 thoughts to “What Your Coffee Mug Says About You”

  1. What does it say about me if I use a different coffee mug everyday? Probably that I am too lazy to wash the one from the day before!? Ha-ha I think this was post was great!

  2. I was just going to say…I look in my cupboard at all of my mugs and I am a hot mess of personalities. But then again, I pick my mug along with my mood for the day. Random! Lol! Good one Michele!

  3. Assorted during the week although my Spongebob mug is preferred. Saturday’s reserved for my Wisconsin Badgers oversized red mug. Got it as a gift for my wife years ago during a business trip, and then claimed it for myself. Great post!

  4. This was a cute article! I always drink out of the flowered coffee/tea cups that came with my dish set. They remind me of my mom, though. She was super picky about what kind of cup she drank her tea in.

  5. I am totally the White Coffee Mug. I do have some colorful ones as well, but don’t like anything else on my cup. Oh and it isn’t a coffee cup, but a tea mug. 🙂

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