Random Sagittarian Bluntness: What is Random Sagittarian Bluntness?

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One day in November of 1973, I happened to come to Earth as a Sagittarian. The times and alignments were perfect for this baby girl to be born as one of the most unique signs in astrology. Now every sign has their quirks, but I have found that quirkiness reigns supreme in Sagittarians in ways that sometimes amaze, freak out and astound other signs. As the risk takers of the zodiac, sometimes to our great loss or gain, we also have this ability to dust ourselves off and try again and again—to the amazement of others. We take you to the outer reaches of one extreme and swing that pendulum back to the middle and to the other extreme—this book will be no different. If you are looking for a book that will take it easy, this isn’t it. If you are looking for a wild ride for your mind, full of deliberate contradictions in tone and subject, thank you for choosing to ride my ride.

I also found that when I was my complete, unapologetic self, unaffected by should, could and would; I possessed a blunt character that to the uninitiated can come off as aggressive, abrasive, or even rude. But to our friends, we are who we are and they love us that way. I believe that our ride or die type of loyalty comes from the fact that when someone decides to be in our inner circle and they actually pass the informal initiation that typically takes decades, they are our friends for life.

To have a Sagittarian friend, spouse, significant other, or family member very often means that you are in for a lot of blind curves, off-roading and getting lost. But to be in the court of the Archer is a very prestigious place to be—since many who try will fail simply because they do not have the tenacity to keep up with the acrobatics of their Sagittarian.

In a world of charlatans and posers, blunt honesty is lacking. And though it may scrape and scathe at times, your Sagittarian’s penchant for loyalty will smooth any rough spots that may have been created by their unwitting carelessness of tongue.

I hope you enjoy this peek inside the labrynthian mind of this Sagittarius. And I hope that you find your tactful fearlessness if it has been lost, or feel even more encouraged to live out loud until the last leaf falls from your splendid tree.




Trina Noelle

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