The ABC’s of You and Me

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I’ve decided to take this Friday in a different direction, so gather the little ones around. Or transport yourself back to a day when you were young and let’s have a little story. This is for your inner child, your young ones or you young-at-heart ones!

A is for Achievement. It’s a big word as you can see. It means for you to do your best and be the best you that you can be.

B is for Belief. It’s an important word for you. It’s more than hoping and more than wishing—it’s knowing the best is meant for you.

C is for Compassion. A word to know how to spell. It means to do everything with your entire heart and treat all people well.

D is Determination. You will need this as you grow. When you fall in life, you get back up and keep going.

E is for Environment. The Earth, animals, water and sky. It is the home you live in with everyone, so take care of it, please do try.

F is for Forgiveness. A mighty, caring deed. You and others will make mistakes–to forgive is healing to the giver and to other hearts in need.

G is for Grateful. It’s a word that helps you zoom. You are never wrong for dreaming big, just stay planted in thankful soil to bloom.

H is for Hero. Anyone can be one don’t you know? You only need to do what’s right in an instant. It’s acting fast, not slow.

I is for Inquisitive. Important for a growing mind. Always be teachable, ask lots of questions and you’ll never be left behind.

J is for Justice. It’s being fair, you see. It’s wanting right for all involved—seeking fairness for you and me.

K is for Knowledge. It doesn’t sound like it starts with K. But this learning will serve you well from birth to your last living day.

L is for Love. A small word that means so much. It helps heal hearts with a hug, or a smile—to a hurting soul, it’s a helpful crutch.

M is for Maturity. This happens as you grow. You learn to think before you speak, take time for yourself and go with the flow.

N is for Negotiate. It’s thinking big, not small. It’s using your words and mind to make things work—creating a win-win for all.

O is for Optimistic. It’s more than being glad. It’s looking for the good in everything—even when you’re mad or sad.

P is for Perfection. It may seem a good thing to be. There’s no one perfect on this Earth. Just do your very best–please promise me.

Q is for Question. We’ve spoken of this before. The people who love learning, with your questioning, won’t be sore.

R is for Respect. Respect for self, others and things. Take care of you and others, appreciate your gifts, and you’ll see what joy it brings.

S is for Strength. Strong in body, mind and soul. Take care in what you eat, drink, read and listen to. Keep your thoughts, heart, and self, whole.

T is for Trust. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If trust is broken it must be rebuilt by doing all that you can each day.

U is for Unconditional. Without question is what this means. I will love you unconditionally through life’s stormy and beautiful scenes.

V is for Victory. It is what you’ll have at the end of this quest. If you take all that I am teaching you now and really put it to the test.

W is for Wonderful. It’s what your life will be. If you keep moving through the tough times, wonderful memories looking back, you’ll see.

X is for Xerox. It means to copy and copy the same. You are an original individual who’s unique right down to your frame.

Y is for You. You are very important to Me. This story will help you remember the hopes I have for you, when you read it silently.

Z is for Zeal. It is what you have when you are brave. Forever live bold and true. In your heart tuck these pages close–to forever and ever save.


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