Random Sagittarian Bluntness: What If?

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What if you truly decided to change your life, where would you begin? What if you surrendered yourself to the belief in the good that is inherent within you? Where could you be in 30 days from now with unyielding and committed purpose to this task? Where could you be in just a week of commitment to a few simple actions?

I’ve been observing what the world says we are, and what we truly are. I’ve been doing this for a while, but I really started observing these things to see if we really know what our path is. Here is what I have found out.

Most people walk their daily path with courage—despite loss, despite pain, fear, and an overwhelming sense of despair in regards to where the world says we are going. If we listen to the world’s propaganda, it tells us that we are nothing without it. It tells us that the world is a horrible place, filled to overflowing with horrible people, who do horrible things. But what would happen with a change of focus?

What we pay attention to becomes our reality, but is this construct truly reality, or just figments of someone else’s imagination? When I look around during my day to day, I see people. I see people who are very different from each other but want the same things. Sometimes our voices and deepest desires of our hearts gets lost in translation. And more often than not, they get lost in translation because the very people we’ve entrusted the job of translating to, are only translating the phrases that benefit their own agendas. We have given our journey toward light and ultimate fulfillment over to the very people who doubt, deny, and flat out refuse to see the light. We have given the steering wheel over to people who literally and figuratively throw away the very sun that is necessary for life to exist.

So we get very different opinions that most often aren’t even founded in fact. We have made messiahs out of people who have proven that they are not up for the job or even care about the job that they do. This is not an either/or situation. There are no sides except for what the majority of us want, and what those who profit from our dissention want for us.

When is the last time that you picked a fight with an entire country? Not just a few people from a certain country or culture that you happened to have a beef with, but an ENTIRE country. In a playground scenario this would be like the bully of the fourth grade telling everyone to hate kindergartners just because he/she had something to gain from the mass hating of kindergarteners, which just sounds preposterous. They would engineer a campaign that would systematically discredit, devalue and paint them in the most horrible light. And you would have two factions arise from this—the ones who would identify with the plan, no matter how off-kilter it was and the ones who fall silent and ride the bandwagon to avoid being a target. While the bully, who profits from the dissention, sees what tactics work and which ones don’t and continually refines his/her craft to keep the wheel rolling. Just as long as you have enough agreeing with your ill-fated logic and enough paralyzed with fear, the cycle can continue to gather up others as this tiny snowball rolls down the mountain of madness—collecting bystanders, new targets and willing participants as it goes.

Now what if we applied this to our world? Who stands to win, when dissention is unending?  The ones so blindly apathetic to the course that this dissention is taking. But really, there is no true winner. It is just the mirror image of self-hatred. When you believe that you are separate from all who are being persecuted, you have taken a pill that has numbed you to the point of willful compliance. You rally and shout, believing that you are on the side of right, not knowing that you too have become just a cog in the wheel of someone else’s forward momentum.

You know that we already know how to do this thing called life. You see it every day. It is only when your happiness gets drowned out by the messages you allow into your soul, life, ears, eyes and inner world that you feel the fear grip your heart and create panic. It makes you shut your connections with others off. It makes you not trust in divine laws that are as sure as gravity. Ask yourself if you can bargain with gravity? So if this law is constant and sure no matter who tries to act upon it in its natural state, what makes you think that the other laws of the Universe are just suggestions?

Gravity does not care about who you are, what you drive, or how much is in your account. It is constant and sure here on this Earth. So here we are, mired in stress and uncertainty when Universal Laws exist to make us realize that we are not so powerless after all—no matter who wishes to tell you that you are insignificant.

These Laws connect us to Source—that all-encompassing, love and peace that is not timid or unsure of itself. They remind us that no worldly temptation will ever fill our hearts in the way that joy, peace, love and connection to each other will. We have been told that to seek peace and calm within ourselves and our communities is weak. Then why have the most peaceful and enlightened ones met with such brute force? If peace is weak, then why bring a gun to a pillow fight? When the people seek peace above all else, they realize their own connection to the Divine. They realize that the power that resides within, is most definitely greater than the power within the world.

When we are connected to each other’s dreams we will no longer tolerate injustice or brutality, or need to match force with force. We will fall away from the illusion and only focus on those things which will sustain and advance us all. We will no longer require a daily injection of fear served up to us in the manner of the nightly news. We will no longer react without thinking first about our reactions.

Reclaiming this power and connection to our birthright requires a commitment to common sense. It requires that we stop seeing each other through the lenses that someone else puts over our eyes, but seeing each person as ourselves. With faith, vision and commitment to this cause, we shall see with our own eyes what is truly possible when we put down our crossed arms and tap into the limitless potential of our creativity and focus—completely supported by Universal Laws that bind everyone upon this Earth.

Start by stretching your boundaries. Take one week and do an experiment. For this week, find something different to like. It can be food, art, music—anything that is different culturally from what you are used to. Next, complete a news fast. I first heard of this from a book from Dr. Andrew Weil called 8 Weeks to Optimum Health years ago and decided to put it to the test. I am happy to say that my stress levels diminished greatly. In this day of technology and social media, it is hard to avoid all bad news, but do your best. Scroll past it and refuse to click on it. Fill your day with posts that encourage, uplift, and renew your faith in the human spirit—there are just as many sharable posts on people doing good things in this world. Don’t get caught up in drama. If you happen to read or watch something, listen to how it makes you feel and then make a choice—is it a feeling of empowerment, joy or does it make you laugh? Or does it drain you, make you feel sad or make you feel powerless? Is it gossip or is it a celebration of someone else?

Finally give and compliment. You are not looking for responses—you are just looking for ways to be a blessing and make someone’s day. You are stepping into the human role of being the ripple on the water after the stone is cast. Do these things for a week, and take note of only the good things that happen and how you feel. Remember, there are many people out there totally disillusioned with the state of the world and the people they share this planet with—I used to be one of them until I started changing the channel and working to change my own frequency. I don’t get it right all of the time, but when I started focusing on the energy that I put out into the world, pettiness lost all importance.

We’ve been watching the same show for decades now. We’ve been watching different faces, but the same cast of characters in the same predictable scenes, coming to the same predictable and useless conclusions. Maybe it’s time to change the channel to something more enjoyable. I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown really tired of watching reruns of nothing but static.

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