Journeying Back to Now

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Sometimes no wise words are able to touch the heart of a thing, and only history colliding with the present moment will have enough impact to bring back to the surface who we really are: the joyful imp, the lover, the intrepid discoverer.

All sages say not to live in the past, but this is incomplete advise. To visit our befores, to wash ourselves in the remembrance of all we’ve endured, enjoyed,¬†battled, braved, lost, gained, and loved cleanses our Spirit as it reveals again to us the myriad and wondrous trinkets which fill the treasure chest of our Souls.

Visit your old self sometimes. Leaf through weathered papers, recall the words imprinted onto you by others. Vacation into your darkest and lightest moments and, when your trip is over, you’ll find that there are more gifts in your suitcase at the end of the journey than when it began.

-Kirstie Ganobsik

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