Conquering the Great Divide

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My mother has this saying which rings louder and truer the older I get.

It’s a 24 hour job to take care of your own life and your own business. If more people were doing that we wouldn’t have time for other drama.

Think about it for a minute, ah yes, a minute out of your already jam-packed schedule of people and things and events. Do you get everything done in a day? Granted, some things have to wait for paychecks and approvals and situations to align themselves, but do you tend to have things left on your list? Do you ever have a full week where you can say, that you can now take time off because you have completed everything?

Probably not.

Every single day there are things that require your attention. Sometimes they require the attention of ten people but you are the one who has to make it happen. So in this world of things to do, where do we actually have the attention to mount smear campaigns, focus on things that are none of our business, create havoc, and generally be people filled to overflowing with opinions, but bone dry on solutions? Because when we change our focus to these items, you can bet that there are things not being done.

What would happen if we actually focused on our space and not intrude into the spaces of others? What if we concentrated all of our efforts on our journey and not on the flawed journeys of everyone in our vicinity and people we don’t even know? What is the big payoff for being a hypocrite?

From an observational standpoint, there isn’t one. Every second you take to accuse and berate someone else for what they are doing that is displeasing to you, is time you are taking away from building your own castle.

Quit looking at your neighbor’s trash, and get your own trash to the curb. We should not be so quick to entertain the downfall of others. We should not be so quick to point fingers and be so self-righteous, that we are completely blind to our own skeletons and issues that could so easily be pointed out by others if we weren’t trying to hold the door shut or sit on the lid.

It is so easy to drag someone through the mud, when you’re the one behind the steering wheel, but let the tables be turned, find judgmental people in the spotlight, and suddenly it’s a different game. ALL of us have issues and quirks and pasts that would not be so palatable if they were brought to light. But these parasitic characters that feed off of someone’s hardship, struggle, breakdowns and shortcomings really just try to take the focus off of their own trash. These are the kinds of people who will parade you into the town square and call for your complete destruction, while hiding behind a poorly fabricated facade to deflect all attention from their own insecurities.

You know the type, the kind who are “friends” with everyone, but will not hesitate to gossip or tear down someone in a heartbeat. These are the kinds of people who divide and don’t encourage, find fault but do not search self, and feel that they are right, no matter who they hurt in the process of scrambling to beat everyone to the throne. More often than not, they too have secrets and issues that are known to them and things in their lives that they need to accomplish. However, their misguided focus prevents them from doing the required soul searching that is needed for true growth to occur.

As humans, we have all acted in unsavory ways. We all have things that have hurt us, people we need to apologize to, and things to mend within our own hearts. Actually following through with these things this is what separates the true leaders from the charlatans.

We have enough division in this world to need to create any more of it. It is time to build each other up, instead of tearing each other apart. Handle your business in the most honorable way, seek to understand and not just respond, and ask yourself if someone else’s choices have a direct effect on you and your life. If not, put your torch and pitchfork down and go back home. We have enough dysfunction in this world without you adding yourself to the fray. Plus it is a big distraction that takes your golden focus on doing worthwhile things while you are here. Since we aren’t promised any certain amount of time to be alive, I would say that your time is much too valuable to spend it ridiculously.

There will always be another fight, and another. Maybe you need to sit this one out, because chances are there are things that you need to work on that require your focus and not the disconnected zombie dance of mob rule.

Focus on the dreams and people that you love. Work towards leaving a legacy that you will be proud of. It’s easy to hate and judge, that’s why it’s so rampant. To be love, conscious love, takes effort and presence of mind, but the payoff is much sweeter.

Me? I am choosing love. It takes way too much disconnected effort and lying to myself to hate other people. Plus the benefits are much sweeter.

In the end, it’s your choice, since we were all given free will to decide how we will act and react when situations happen.

Oh, but remember, you only get 24 hours.


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