The Lady Player’s Promise

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An excerpt from the upcoming book: The Lady Player’s Manual: How to Win at Love and Life

Impetuous, tempestuous life, you multifaceted storm. Rival me if you dare. With every swing you have tried to keep me on my knees, begging you for mercy.

But I stand up and square off with every sunrise my eyes are blessed to see and every sunset my heart is blessed to feel. Oh worthy opponent, you may stun me for brief moments, but as a child of Wisdom’s true hand, I see through the ruse and rise once more with numbers greater than before. 

This is my test. This is my deed. This is my journey and humble creed. I thank you life, for the liars and the cheats, for the times my bed was dimly lit and silent streets. 

I thank you for the friends that betrayed, the lovers who promised all but never stayed. I thank you for the sorrow and the pain and for the nights I swore I wouldn’t wake again. For the trials and for the strife, you make me strong, oh precious life. And when the dark is much too long, when my voice is small I still sing my song. 

 I thank you now for the path so worn, for the battles when I am tossed and torn. And in my heart I know it true, that the grey horizon will soon turn blue. So I endeavor and bless this quest, the fire of you, life, makes the sweetness best.

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