Random Sagittarian Bluntness: You are Art

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I love all of my friends and family for their individuality. For their unique take on the world whether it agrees with mine or not…for their beauty. A Picasso, is a Picasso and not a Monet…a Van Gogh is a Van Gogh and not a Magritte…a Renoir is not a Pollock and a Pollock is not a Seurat…and we are okay with this.

Yet the most amazing work of art, the human body, we try to shame into a one-size-fits-all mentality? This is madness–there is such beauty in everyone but we are conditioned to turn our heads in disgust at the Monets and Picassos of our society? We are shown such a narrow view of what is beautiful, and typically this view is polished, painted, poreless, and plastic.

This has never made sense to me, which is why I cannot fall in line with that type of thinking. Had I been raised to be so shallow, I would’ve missed out on some of the most exceptional stars that decorate my sky to this day with their friendship, laughter, unique beauty, and love.

When I modeled in my twenties, I attended a call for local models to try for modeling spots in NYC. While I stunned on the catwalk, there was something amiss. The golden ticket was promised to me if I could only shrink to a size 7/8. The critic looking at my pics went so far as to sort through them and point out how each one made me look fat. I was a size 12 on a 6’1″ frame and knew that attempting to hang a 7/8 on that wouldn’t be healthy or leave me looking like a real woman.

So, within earshot of the crowd he had degraded me in front of, I politely yet bluntly told him what he could do with his criticism and shot at fame. That very day I decided that modeling wasn’t for me.

Why would I need the shallow approval of fads, labels and critics when the world is my catwalk and God is my designer?

Why would anyone need to feel less than, because of these small boxes that cannot hope to contain even a fraction of the energy and magic that lives within us all?

Humanity, and its many facets, is its own great work of art to be appreciated. No matter the wrapping, it’s the gift inside the heart that is the pure treasure.

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