The Guarding and Cultivation of Small Hearts

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With these interactions we create mythical beings in human form.
With every wave of the wand in the eyes of our children
We become larger than life—heroes without celebrity but heroes nonetheless—
And it is this, that which we take seriously when someone infringes upon their happiness.

It is this rude tactlessness that disables dreams
That kills hope and imagination with one slice.
It turns once joyful children into jaded stars
That fall from the sky when they see no more point in shining.

The adult that deceives is fool’s gold.
A person not fit to be in the wishing space of youth-filled thought
Working to establish trust for selfish means–
Dismantling it just as quick when one is wise to not to do their bidding.

Today is a day that one must decide
To continue on a self-serving path to certain destruction
Or study at the feet of babies—guarding these small hearts—
For within them are the secrets to everything good, prosperous, and true.
Within are the answers to life’s multifaceted questions.

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