The Third Eye–A New Vision

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The symbolism of the pine and pine cone go back as far as the beginnings of the human experience. Often revered, it is a symbol of what has been called the seat of the soul, pineal gland, or what has been known as the third eye. From the Egyptians and Greeks to Catholicism, this all-knowing center has been a part of our lives—often operating in plain sight but passed off as hocus-pocus or in the library of things that only weird people talk about.

Why do you think this is?

When I was young, about maybe six years of age, I would try to go to bed early “to dream” as I would tell my mother. Although it probably sounded very strange to her, she most likely enjoyed the fact that her night owl of a daughter was going to bed without effort. I remember being very excited to do this because I would “travel” to the same place, after going through a dazzling star-filled sky. These stars against my pitch black mind space would swirl and enchant—creating different shapes and symbols until a garden would appear out of a haze.

Grand CanyonThe vision was the same every time. I would hear the water before I would see it. I would hear the unique sound that willow tree branches and leaves make when they applaud in the breeze. The light was that beautiful twilight that gives everything a magical glow. There were flowers and vegetation everywhere and a stone bench by the water. And I could see a beautiful stone building untouched by the passing of time and weather.

The colors could not even be explained, for it was like they were actually alive with a kind of electricity moving through them. By this time I was well acquainted with the 64-count crayon box and these colors far surpassed any of the wax ones I had doodled with many times before. Even though I saw this place over and over again in my mind’s eye, every time I went there my reaction was still the same—silent awe and appreciation.

What is most important to note at this time is that I was not sleeping. I was fully awake and aware that I was not in some dream state. I could open my eyes at any moment and leave my room, but I would stay until I was heavy with sleep and then transition into a true dream state. I had no words for what I was doing or where I was going. I just knew that I didn’t want to lose this ability. And having grown up in a family where these kinds of things were not taboo to speak about, I thought everyone heard, saw and felt the same things that I did.

As I grew older these trips became replaced with my focus on being in the world and finding my place in it. I continued, however, to experience things that I thought everyone experienced. I would hear someone speak to me about an event that was going to take place and how I could prevent it–such as two car accidents that happened with family members.

But the strangest occurrence happened when I was not yet a mother.

I was shown a picture of my son when I was seventeen, who I didn’t give birth to until I was in my late twenties. I had the exact picture taken that I had seen in my “waking dream” or premonition when I was thirty and didn’t even realize it until a strange flashback moment awakened me one day at work:

I was sitting in the middle of the cubicle farm in my little space. I had decorated my cubicle as if it was a living room. I felt that if I had to spend most of my waking hours there, I was going to be as comfortable as possible and I surrounded myself with things that made me feel good. This cube would be as much of a clubhouse as I could make it without doing a DIY roof and door for it. I would get Ghirardelli chocolates and place them into a beautiful glass bowl, put out fresh flowers, a small table lamp and had framed pictures on the cube walls.

One of the pictures I had was a poster-sized print I had made of my son. A friend of mine named Brianne had taken our mother-son pictures and my favorite was a close up picture of my son looking up. His chubby toddler face was framed by this amazing head full of big curls and his brown eyes were as deep as the ocean. She captured his entire being in that shot and I wanted more than a photo print of it, so I went to one of my creative websites and fashioned a poster.

I had that one huge cubicle wall that needed more than a desk calendar as the focal point so I dragged that picture in one day, past the “what is she doing now” stares of my co-workers. By this time, my randomness had become sort of a fixture in the office. I was just being myself so the looks didn’t bother me, and since I was in full-blown DIY focus mode I didn’t give the looks much thought.

Sitting in my high-back swivel office chair, I pushed myself away from my desk to give my eyes a break from the screen. I swiveled around with a couple circles and then stopped to be quiet and just look at the child I was missing, who unfortunately had to be in daycare at the time. He was in good hands with people I knew, but I still hated the fact that I wasn’t hanging out with my kid, doing anything except a mind-numbing shuffling of stuff and data.

Then what could only be described as a déjà vu feeling washed over me and my mind raced back to a day when I was seventeen, standing in my kitchen and looking in the refrigerator. A voice that I could not identify and spoke from within said that I was going to have a boy. I spoke out loud about not wanting children now and things like that, but then the voice stated again that my firstborn was going to be a boy. A picture of a face appeared in my mind’s eye.

The picture I was staring at in my cube at thirty and the one I had seen in the vision at seventeen were one and the same.

In that moment, I felt as if I had been let in on some secret. I immediately felt that I was outside of the place I had just been sitting in comfortably. I had visions before, I had dreams before and I had psychic moments before but this was almost too much. I finished my day but felt like I was outside of the entire environment I had known as truth. This was something else entirely. But where does all of this fit in with the third eye and seeing with new vision?

I began to ask questions. If I could access these things, would I need to seek information from others as if I would never know as much? What are we supposed to know and what aren’t we supposed to know? Was this yet another level of knowing? Why the hidden in plain sight symbols of enlightenment?

Questions about the faith I grew up in began to emerge. What is in the missing gospels of the Bible? Is there a deeper meaning to Christmas? Why, along with the Christ message are we centered around a pine tree? Is there a deeper meaning to the decorating of the tree and it being the focal point in our homes until the New Year? If the pine tree and the pine cone are symbols of the third eye and enlightenment, are the gifts we place under the tree that are not to be seen and then opened, the deeper meaning of our knowing about this greater sight? What if the actual items we give have nothing to do with the meaning but the symbolism of it all? Is the Christ child meaning of the Light of the World exactly that—our enlightenment—our going home again in the metaphysical sense? Is it all about this vision shifting us all into greater awareness but in warring over who is right and wrong have we missed the message in its entirety?

I do not ask these things in order to disrespect anyone’s belief systems. I ask these questions because I have only asked them of myself in order to unravel the things that I have read and experienced firsthand. Because of my upbringing and my culture, I was raised in an environment that did not judge me for being who I am, so I have a natural curiosity in regards to the adventures of the mind without a knee-jerk fear of recourse.

I believe there is more and that we are shifting into an awareness that will find more of us seeing further without moving one inch. What will that mean for you? What will that spiritual resonance mean for your immediate circle, your town or the world? Will it mean an end to things as we have known them—ushering in a complete and amazing transformation of the Earth as we know it? Will we finally understand that we are not separate? We cannot continue to walk into the 21st century with a 20th century mind. We know what doesn’t work by this time. By a continuing of the policies and procedures that divide our hearts and minds, we will only drill more holes in the bottom of the boat.

The biggest piece of the puzzle is within you. You hold it. The answers exist. What has been portrayed as the blessings of the few is not the truth. What has been portrayed as truth is just the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings and winding the gears in hopes that you dance out of step to the tunes without question. Enlightenment, even in its newest scenes, shakes the very foundation that your life has been built on if you are not ready to “see”.

In conclusion, the realm of the open third eye isn’t some unattainable place for just the “right” people. There is no velvet rope or VIP room to enlightenment—it is as close as quiet introspection, silence and knowledge. And the last time I checked, there wasn’t a member’s only section for these things.

-Trina Noelle

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