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To learn more about how the pineal gland creates balance within your body through it’s production and release of  melatonin, check out health and wellness author Helen Sander’s article What Is Your Circadian Rhythm & How to Manage Your Internal Body Clock.

When I write the words ‘pineal gland’, the first thought that

probably comes to mind is to move on to another article

with slightly more glamorous content.

But what if I told you that this tiny gland, shaped like a pine

cone and located near the center of the brain between

the two hemispheres, may actually be one of the conduits of

communication between ourselves and our Higher Power?

Aah, slightly more intriguing now, isn’t it?

I first heard about the pineal gland being a sort of receptor

between the physical and spiritual worlds while watching

an episode of the documentary series The Pyramid Code

entitled The Empowered Human (start at about the 16:00

mark). It was believed by ancient Egyptians that this gland

provides access to a whole host of senses: namely 360!

But it’s not just ancient peoples who are convinced of the

pineal’s powers. In spiritual terms, the pineal gland is

known as the Third Eye, a concept that forward-thinking

scientists explain as the central point for spiritual

consciousness. Dr. Rick Strassman, MD and Dr. Steven A.

Barker, PhD of The Cottonwood Research Foundation,

Inc have collaborated on innovative research to unlock the

makeup of the pineal gland.

The Spirit Molecule, co-produced by Dr. Strassman and

distributed by Warner Brothers, traces his team’s

scientific investigations of the naturally occurring DMT

molecule, dubbed The Spirit Molecule for its psychedelic

properties. As stated on the Cottonwood website:

“The pineal gland has been an object of great interest

regarding consciousness for thousands of years, and a pineal

source of DMT would help support a role for this enigmatic

gland in unusual states of consciousness. “

Interestingly enough, these so-called “unusual states of consciousness” could account for the ancient Egyptian claim of 360 senses. If so, why did the ancient Egyptians claim access to 360 of them, while nowadays we struggle to use just 5?


One strong contender for our supposed inability to access these other senses is that we’ve been told we have only 5, so we assume we’re not using the other 355.

Let’s take intuition as an example. It has often been labeled ‘hocus-pocus’. Yet research now shows that it is, at least in part, a real ability to understand how to act which is developed by recognizing patterns (Can ‘Spidey Sense’ be taught? by Patricia Kime).  

Yet even this explanation of intuition may be incomplete because it doesn’t account for those intuitive nudges that happen when no patterns exist. Many people, for example, have been in the middle of mundane tasks when they have had a sudden urge to call a loved one in need. This seems to indicate more of a connection of energies than a learned response based on recognizing patterns. 

So is it that intuition is not a human sense, or is it that it’s not commonly called one?

It would behoove us to remember when answering this question for ourselves that scientific experiments which break new ground are often instigated by people’s experiences. Newton and his apple gave us an understanding of gravity for example (see Newton’s apple: The real story by Amanda Gefter), and Einstein’s work at the patent office with clocks gave us the Law of Relativity (see Einstein’s Clocks by Peter Galison). Would some in-depth scientific studies based on people’s experiences with intuition get us a new human sense to add to our list?

This remains to be seen, of course, but taking away the labels, such as ‘hocus pocus’, and instead using our experiences as jumping off points for scientific inquiry leads to cooperation between science and its subjects which has a profound effect on our understanding of life.


So how do we possibly validate spiritual experiences that are commonly attributed to the pineal gland’s powers in order to feel comfortable trusting them to aid us in our lives?

We do this by taking heed of both our own personal experiences pertinent to the subject and to the current scientific information that is available to us on the topic.

Here, I can only use myself as an example. This summer, in an effort to start on the road to becoming a vegetarian, I gave up red meat. Interestingly enough, I began noticing that my dreams were more vivid, my intuition stronger, and my ability to use my thoughts to create my reality much more powerful.

Then this fall while doing research for this post,  I came across an article by S. Ali Myers entitled 11 Ways to Decalcify the Pineal Gland. (Decalcification is one of those areas of pineal gland research in which scientists agree with spiritualists. It is considered by both to be healthy, although the benefits given by spiritualists are often more numerous than those given by science.)

In Myers’ article, it was noted that highly acidic foods, such as red meat, keep the pineal gland calcified, whereas alkaline leafy greens decalcify it.

So to recap:

  1. My experience was that stopping eating red meat coincided with increased vivid dreams, intuition, and manifestation skills.
  2. Both science and spirituality point to acidic food such as red meat adding to the calcification of the pineal gland, which inhibits its function.
  3. Only spirituality lays claims to my newfound abilities originating in the pineal gland, although The Cottonwood Research Foundation’s in-progress studies may soon change this.

Based on all of this information, my decision is to continue to note whether or not doing the other scientifically-proven pineal gland decalcification techniques leads to further spiritual breakthroughs. I’ll also be following the Cottonwood studies with interest.


I believe we have moved into a stage of human development where it’s no longer credible to say that it is impossible to scientifically validate spiritual experiences.

It is possible, IF we as individuals refuse to dismiss spiritual experiences just because they haven’t yet been scientifically proven, while at the same time refusing to dismiss science just because it has invalidated a long-held spiritual belief we were sure was true.

As the Dalai Lama points out in his book  The Universe in a Single Atom“I have noticed that many people hold the assumption that the scientific view of the world should be the basis for all knowledge and all that is knowable. This is scientific materialism….there is more to human existence and to reality itself than current science can ever give us access to. By the same token, spirituality must be tempered by the insights and discoveries of science.”


Understanding the pineal gland and how it can help both our physical and spiritual well-being is admittedly challenging. Below are some additional resources that may some shed light on the topic.

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Sound vibrations video to decalcify the pineal gland created by Source Vibrations

-Kirstie Ganobsik

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