The Blessings Bonanza

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My journey towards living a more enlightened life has turned up 5 practical actions that are pillars of a successful journey towards that peace that passeth all understanding: Meditation, Facing Fears, Finding/Fulfilling Purpose, Forgiving, and Manifesting.

Of these, Manifesting gave me the most backtalk, sass, and lip.

It wasn’t until  I discovered the immense power of one key ingredient in the manifesting mix that I was able to begin to accelerate my life into one more aligned with my dreams: Gratitude. Being thankful was like the butter in a batch of cookies – it held the dough together so that the other ingredients could cooperate in creating a tasty treat of life lived to its fullest.

So how do we get into the habit of focusing on our blessings rather than our difficulties?


Society will tell us all kinds of things we should be grateful for: $1 million, that shiny new car, the promotion at work.

But what about that $100 already in our bank account, the clunker that gets us to where we’re going every day, or the current work position that pays our bills?

We often think of these latter examples as things we would like to see change. Yet when we start to view them as part of our wealth and our achievement of goals, something magical happens. We begin to experience a deep satisfaction with our life.

This deep fulfillment is the rock upon which future blessings are built.

In order to create this new definition of wealth, we need to take a bit of a ‘who cares?’ attitude towards society’s dictates. There are a few very helpful ways to do this:

  1. Turn off the TV. Commercials brainwash us into believing we need a lot of stuff to be worthy. This is not true.
  2. Consider finding alternate sources for your news that aren’t part of the establishment. Again, this helps us decide for ourselves what’s important, rather than getting our values spoon-fed to us by others.

The key with this step is to focus on finding the aspects of what you want for your future in the things that you have right now.


People love to be thanked. Love it. They will do many, many helpful things for you if you thank them, sincerely compliment them, and assist them in whatever ways are most helpful.

The great thing about this step is it doesn’t necessarily require direct spoken gratitude. The energy shift of being appreciative, versus being unmindful of the help we’ve received from others, is often palpable. That being said, people aren’t mind readers, and I found that if there is an opportunity to do so, it’s best to express gratitude out loud.

Another important aspect of this technique is that it actually increases our intuitiveness. This is because thanking people, being truly appreciative, allows us greater access to their backstories. They begin to trust us with the details of their life when we acknowledge how they’ve helped us.  Over time, this develops in us an ability to understand where people are coming from even before they’ve let us into their inner world.

This increased intuitiveness allows for a greater ability to see the answers to our prayers unfolding. In other words, we can see the bigger picture. This in turn keeps us motivated to continue plugging away at our dreams whenever difficulties arise.

Gratitude’s directive is to focus on abundance instead of lack. In doing so, we are better able to see the short-term successes that are steps towards our long-term goals, all while helping others to add dividends to their own inner wealth.

-Kirstie Ganobsik



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