The TO DO-NE LIST Revolution

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Recently I found myself so overwhelmed that I grabbed the first piece of paper I saw – a torn-open envelope complete with spilled coffee on it – and began writing a To Do List of “STUFF TO LEARN FOR THE BLOG”.

Around item # 5 I hit full on panic mode because I needed to accomplish so much. And I quickly realized why the stress was kicking in so hard: I hadn’t made a “STUFF ALREADY LEARNED FOR THE BLOG” list.

When I took a few minutes to do this, it eclipsed the To Do List by a rate of 10 to 1. Viewed in this light, I was already 90% done!

See, we tend to forget all the truckloads of tasks already completed. We don’t breathe and honor them. We’re taught that the most important thing is to get stuff done. But is it? What’s the end game with that way of thinking? When we’re constantly moving onto the next To Do List, and the next, and the next, we become mini-machines.

It’s when we appreciate the cleaned bathroom, the well-worded email that helped smooth over a conflict at work, or the 25 things we did right in our latest relationship, that we’re able to feel the Soul in our jotted-down goals.

So go ahead, run your hands over that newly bleached sink, brag about your diplomatic email prowess, and have a good smile over your latest romantic achievements.  

Then stick them on on your Done List and put it on the fridge to use as a quick morale boost for the next time you lose faith in your ability To Do anything.

-Kirstie Ganobsik

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  1. I think making a done list is a great idea! I have a notebook saved in my evernote account for “major blogging accomplishments.” I save any real cool emails or other correspondence, and I have it to look at if I am feeling negative!

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