The Schmucks Have Been Nominated!

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We Won Something!

The Infinity Dreams Award is a nod by fellow bloggers for a job well done, so I’m very excited that my blogging buddy Jordan Ring over at Fiber Guardian nominated us! His fun-filled fiber writings and well-researched nutritional explanations make it easy to understand how each food he discusses will benefit your life, and he provides ample insights from his own life to help keep you motivated on your quest for improved health.

Jordan’s collaborative spirit is as far-reaching as his talent, and he’s contributed guest posts on weight loss and spirituality to the blog. Thank you again for the Infinity Dreams nomination, and for all your support Jordan!

The idea of the Schmucks blog was born when I was reading Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book about Abraham Lincoln entitled Team of Rivals. The account of his Civil War cabinet, and his early years, helped me realize that Lincoln was treated like a schmuck a lot in his life. Yet he was arguably one of the most enlightened presidents in United States’ history.

From this came the idea that we’ve all got a story to tell beyond how we’re treated, and that if we have a platform to tell it, our contributions can change the world. To create just such a platform, I launched Enlightenment for Schmucks this spring.

We’re meant to be a collaborative blog, and love guest bloggers, dream projects, comments, and suggestions.

Facts About the Schmucks:

  1. BOTH: Huge fans of Buckeye football.
  2. KIRSTIE: There’s ample evidence that I could qualify as the Crazy Cat Lady.
  3. TRINA: I love using my writing to bridge the gaps between people by using humor and imagery.
  4. KIRSTIE: I love using my writing to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms.
  5. TRINA: I play djembe and hula hoop.
  6. KIRSTIE: Coffee: Yes.
  7. TRINA: I believe that cartoons and cereal keep you young.
  8. KIRSTIE: Gymnast Mary Lou Retton was my first hero.
  9. TRINA: I haven’t had cable television for 10 years, watch lots of documentaries, read, and play music (digital, CD, 45s, cassettes and albums) every day. 
  10. KIRSTIE: I’ve had a huge crush on Robert Downey Jr. ever since he got clean and sober.
  11. TRINA: I have a crush on Phil Lynott, believe he should have a Fender Tribute Bass and believe that Thin Lizzy needs to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Jordan’s Questions for Us (Answered by Kirstie):

Why did you create your blog? 

It’s meant to be a platform for spiritually-inclined dream seekers to learn, to teach, and to help us all fulfill our purpose on Earth. If that’s a bit deep, we also have coffee mugs.

Are You a Star Wars fan?

I’m a fan, but admittedly I’m gunning for a George Lucas remake: ‘Star Peace’.

What is your desired superpower? 


What is one of your life goals? 

I have a phobia of public speaking, so I want to rock a speech in front of thousands.

How are you going to reach that goal?

Lots and lots of meditation. And giving speeches.

What is your favorite childhood memory? 

It was constantly playing outside – I learned to create, to think on my toes, and to understand the divinity of nature.

Android or iPhone?


Do you still work FT outside of your blog? If so, do you want to go FT as a blogger?

I work about 30 hours per week as a personal assistant, which frees me up time to write and blog. It’s my goal to blog FT, as well as to write books. I also want to use some of the proceeds of my writing career to open Purpose Schools that pay people stipends and provide learning resources so others can work FT on their dreams.

What do you find to be the hardest about blogging? 

Leaving it for the day to go earn a living is the hardest part.

Who is your online role model? Meaning what site do you look to and want to become more like? For me, great writing is key. ZenHabits by Leo Babauta is my inspiration. The blog is as simplistic as you can get, yet its wow factor is so enormous because of the depth and relatability of the content.

These are the Infinity Dreams Award Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.
  2. Post the award badge and rules.
  3. Tell 11 facts about yourself.
  4. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  5. Nominate 11 other bloggers and set questions for them.

My Nominees For The Infinity Dreams Award:

  1. Niume, The Collaborative Blogging Platform
  2. Life.Starts.Now.
  3. The Nonhuman Rights Project
  4. Period!
  5. Reformation Films
  6. Gluten Free Carolina Girl
  7. The Tropical Dog
  8. Kais Insights
  9. Maybe, Sometime, Baby

Here Are Your Questions!

  1. When did you first launch your blog?
  2. Who or what is your favorite source of creative inspiration?
  3. (Stealing this from Jordan) What is your desired superpower?
  4. Any tips for newbies thinking of launching a blog?
  5. Are you a coffee fan?
  6. What’s the best part about blogging?
  7. When writer’s block kicks in, how do you overcome it?
  8. Are you more of an adventure traveler or a beach bum?
  9. What’s your favorite cause?
  10. What does your dream life look like?
  11. Are you glad this is your last question?

Thanks again to Jordan over at FiberGuardian, and congratulations to all the nominees!

-Kirstie Ganobsik w/Trina Noelle


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