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HiResIMAGINE FOR A MOMENT THAT YOU ARE HOME. It is not your earthly home, but the spiritual home from where our energy comes from, if you believe such a place exists. In this place we use one hundred percent of our brain power. In this place we all are one—kindred souls of source energy.  Here, there are no earthly divisions of color, culture or religion. Here, there is no expansive leap between rich and poor. In this place, there are no celebrity or commonplace niches in which to place each other in. All belong. This place is our home—a place where anything is possible and where birth and death does not separate us from love.

There is no either or, for or against. There is only what is and what always will be. In this place the stars and spirit do not compete for validation from earthly minds who will never know the entire truth.  We are as they are—constant and eternal.

I believe that we get cut off from these things when we are born into our forms on earth. Our memory and recall have varying degrees of remembrance from person to person and free will is thrown in the mix in order to see if we can make our way back to the light. Mistakes happen along our journeys and it is then and only then when lessons are learned.

Imagine for a moment that before you were born, when you were your original, enlightened self, that you chose the path that you are on now. Imagine that you chose everything. You chose your family, time of birth, situations, surprises and lessons that you could, by order of free will, learn or ignore on your way to spiritual evolution. You even choose the time and manner in which you will depart this earthly plane—the time when even hoping against hope and all manner of modern medicine could not change. How would you do things differently? How would you look at things differently?

Imagine as well that our addiction to things on Earth is only a side effect of our desire for the ability, which we’ve forgotten we have, to manifest all that we want or need. I believe that when we are in our spiritual home, manifestation is equal to all so the need for competition does not exist. What if greed and competition and all of the hurt and madness that stems from it are just byproducts of being here without full knowledge of our spiritual abilities and capabilities to use 100% of our brain power to unlock all of our creativity? If we all knew exactly how to manifest the things we wanted through the use of spiritual/universal laws that are as constant and unwavering as the Law of Gravity, why would we even feel the need to compete or feel less than someone else?

Consider your adversaries as well—those people you contracted with at home to come up against you in this life, in order to teach you some fundamental purpose or lesson.  How would you view them all in this light? Put under this microscope the friends that betrayed, the lovers who would not stay despite begging, silence, understanding or change and the family that, to your earthly mind, turned their backs on you during your times of greatest need.

If you are the independent contractor of your life, how would you view these situations now, knowing that you made pacts with each other for your spiritual evolution? How would you view forgiveness? Would you continue to see it as something so difficult or would it instead be something that is required for the continued evolution of your spiritual journey?

Keep in mind that you are not the only one doing the choosing here. They chose their charts just as you chose yours. And they chose you to be an integral part of their spiritual evolution whether they remember that in their earthly mind or not.  It is the element of free will that cannot be blamed on anything else but your own decisions for or against.

I believe when we understand the universal laws that cannot be changed and that are always in play (like gravity) and understand and accept that free will cannot be blamed on anyone or anything else, that we will be closer to having the society that we all inwardly crave.  This is our move from the id, to the ego and finally arriving in the realm of the superego—where it isn’t about “I” or “you” but about the collective “we”.  We will no longer search outside ourselves for a group or party to define who we are and fight our battles for us—we will look inside ourselves and act from a place of compassion and thought. We will act from a place that needs only one voice and not the screams and clenched fists of mob rule.

It is only then that we will understand and do what is right no matter who is watching. It is then that status and shallow validation from others will no longer matter. It is then that we see the worth of all and not just a few. It is then that we will work from the dim light in the quiet place in order to make right the world in which we chose to live. It is then that our eyes will truly be open.

-Trina Noelle


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