The Trip You Were Created to Make

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This is the 14th article in a summer series on what travel has to teach us about life.

Today I want you to imagine that in your hand is a suitcase. What does your suitcase look like? What color is it? Are there any unique markings on it? How does it feel in your hand? Feel the weight of it and embrace the picture of the suitcase that you are holding.

Now put this suitcase on a bed that you visualize in front of you and open it up. Inside are the major things that have brought you pain in your past. These are the tattered clothes of your experience. These are the old, dirty clothes that have accompanied you on your journey up to this point. Take a good look at them and start to take them out one by one.

As you pull each piece out, look at it and realize that it no longer serves you. Thank it for the wisdom it has given you and put it in a big trash bag beside the bed. Take the stained shirt of your divorce, the flimsy blanket of your childhood, the jacket of betrayal, and let them go. You have, through these experiences, gained wisdom from them and no longer need them. Resist the urge to take them out and wear them around the house once more.

When the trash bag is full and the suitcase is empty, tie up the trash bag and take it to the curb. After you set it down and before you go in the house, visualize your friendly neighborhood garbage man rolling up and snatching that bag away before you can freak out and take it back into the house and drown in self pity. Did the garbage man take the bag? Good.

Now that you have an empty suitcase, you will need things to take on your new journey. Walk over and open the closet. In this closet are the brand new things that you will take with you. Everything is freshly pressed and tailored to fit you perfectly. As you bring each item out of the closet, look at it and really feel the joy, the good energy and the excitement of it before you put it in your suitcase.

Feel like a kid again with the holiday catalog in front of you. Kid you did not focus on how something was going to happen—you just believed that it would and then were overwhelmed by the feelings of having it now. This is crucial for this new journey. You are only packing the things that make you feel exhilarated. You are only packing the best.

You are only packing that project or book that makes you happy. You are only packing the activities you do that you truly enjoy. You are only packing joy, friendship, peace, love, satisfaction, creativity and a mind filled with possibilities. You are only packing your loved ones, and the love list you have created of the best qualities in others that are on their way to you.

You are only packing the good memories and the funniest photographs; the garments that represent the picture of that beautiful place you are going with a mind that knows that you are already there. And when your suitcase is full and a light seems to be coming from it, you may close it up tight and put it in your hand.

This is all you are going to need from this day forward. This is your passport to life my friend. Bon Voyage.

-Trina Noelle


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