Opening to Love

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Let down your guard. Forget the transgressions of the past that wish to color this new identity—this new face that wishes to stand in the sun of your heart light. Do not carry the burdens of another who may have broken your heart and do not transfer these burdens to the back of anyone wishing to love you in all of your glory and shame.

The wall you have built has protected you thus far. Today is the day, however, when the wall has done its job and has shielded your heart for the allotted time. Do not let your wall continue to shield you from what has never hurt you. Like an older sibling that has served you well on the playgrounds of your youth, the time has come for you to thank them and reassure them that you can defend yourself if need be.  It is time for your wall to stand down and create a door to the outside world that is your birthright.

It is your right to stand in the sun of your truth—who you are and where you have been. It is your time to weave a beautiful and colorful story of you, from the threads of your experience and dust off all that does not serve you. It is not your birthright to cower in fear over worries that may never happen and injuries you will never need bandages for.

Your past is in the rearview mirror of your former days and years. Your future is waiting for you in faith to take its hand and go wherever in good sense it wishes to take you. Your life is waiting for you to take the wheel and drive it, with the top down, to places you’ve only dreamt about until now.

Stop riding shotgun in the vehicle of your life. Stop standing on the corner with your heart racing, hoping to jump in like the others you see clamoring to make their dreams come true. Stop going nowhere.

Even if you fail, you’ve tried and have either experience and wisdom to collect, or a really good tale for the pages of your life story. I have taken big chances in the name of love, and while I have come up short numerous times, I’ll have an incredible catalog of memories to look back on when I am showing more grey in my hair than I have patience to dye.

I have learned to die to self. I have learned that being humble at times is better than trying to be right. I have learned what forgiveness feels like and how it heals deep wounds that time has ignored.  I have let go and learned to receive. I have ridden out dark nights of the soul to see blessings I could have missed if I had caved into my pain. I have been on the road you may find yourself on and even though it may be tedious to travel and dimly lit, faith is a lantern, your belief in a better day is the candle and your willingness to live and love despite the past is the match, that when struck, illuminates corners of your perception that you never paid attention to before.

Opening to love is a scary, uncertain, and bold move. It is also the canvas, the sheet music and the clay that is molded by love’s imagination and inspiration, into art that transcends the mundane plodding of the physical plane. It gives us reason to pause and smile. It gives us reason to give caution the shove it needs to get out of our infinite ways. It makes brilliant all that we have perceived to be ordinary and astounds us with its will to be magnificent despite the odds against it even surviving.

Your wall does not serve you. Thank it for a job well done and get down to the business of dismantling it brick by emotional brick. The sun cannot get to you if you stay in a box with no windows. Let love get to you. Let it reach deep into your soul and make you heady with anticipation. Let love touch your mind and draw out of you all of the aspirations that you have hidden inside of you. Let love’s soft, yet steady hand place itself over your heart and help you remember why you are here on this Earth.

You are here to love—to breathe deeply in the sighs of youth and exhale wisdom beyond your years. You are a sensual, creative, expressive and magnificent image of divine creation. It is time to remember that fact and get down to the business of living, for the rest of your life.


-Trina Noelle


Discussion Question: What courageous acts of opening up, be they large or small, have you taken in your life?

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