All Because of Love

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Love is an irrational tornado of rainbows and glass shards. This is the inherent nature of Love. Love for anything and anyone is bound up with pure joy and utter hell. But you grow from it–that’s why we love.

It’s why we think about it, dream about it, pour everything we have in our hearts into our children, pets, family, friends….

If you are going to swim in the ocean of Love, get ready to get hit by some rogue waves, get ready to almost be dragged under. This is what Love does. It is about as easy as wrapping a bicycle up neatly for Christmas without cheating with a pre-made bag.

You’ve got to get tangled up in tape, rip paper, swear, start over, pray, cry…this is Love. Half of the time it makes no sense, and the other half of the time it is blissfully insane.

But then life does something to love and love does something to life and you must hang on yet again. But when that ocean washes you up on that beach of your mind, you are a mindscramble of recent happenings but through it you grow and admire your new found wisdom…but then Love says again, life is worth it with me in it, isn’t it?

So once again our hearts open up, the wall comes down and we love, love and love again…losing, choosing, and continuing on. We put on two left shoes and waltz without care again. We hurt and skirt the issues, doodle, daydream and defy all odds because of Love.

– Trina Noelle

Discussion Question: What has daring to love and lose taught you to admire most about yourself?

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4 thoughts to “All Because of Love”

  1. Love is like a crockpot.
    You have to put the ‘ingredients’ in first, then wait a little bit….

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